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Friendly, free, no obligation advice on all subjects property related. Whether it’s buying & selling property, portfolio strategies or just general advice.



We understand that finding the right property can be a stressful process. Let us remove this stress by hand picking property that fits your criteria.


We understand that finding the right property can be a stressful process. Let us remove this stress by hand picking property that fits your criteria.



Each investment is secure – no trap doors and no tricks. Each member of our team is fully committed to provide a quality service and a return that works for you. All investments are protected by legal agreements, which are written up to specifically reflect client objectives.


We strive to know every fine detail before making any decision. We source the right deals in the right locations, assure a positive return on investment, and provide continued growth for all clients.


We have an open, fair and reasonable approach to business. Each individual project and all ongoing / active investments are fully transparent, allowing investors the ability to make changes as and when required, to best suit their circumstances as time moves on.


Emily Barnes

Emily Barnes

Based in South England, we offer a wealth of knowledge, expertise and a bespoke service. Delivering clear and concise advice, we ensure all investment opportunities are fully understood before making investment decisions. Furthermore, our advice is backed up with excellent comparative investment returns that far outweigh most ‘normal’ investment strategies.

Emily Barnes

Emily Barnes

Stuart Barnes

Stuart Barnes


We arrange a strategy call and discuss what you are looking to accomplish, if we feel the fit is right, we will set out to achieve the goals you have set, whether it’s building a strong portfolio or getting started in property.


We like to keep the personal touch, this is why we only work with select clients allowing us to get closer and provide a more personalised service to each one, helping with any obstacles and achieving growth.


With the constant changes in the financial climate, Property is one that will still provide, yes it could mean adjusting strategy s but it still bears fruit as there will always be a high demand for it.


Stuart is a long term friend who has achieved outstanding success in the world of sport. Since starting in the Property Investment market I have been hugely impressed with Stuart’s energy, enthusiasm, as well as the knowledge and expertise he has built up.

He is a fantastic networker and someone who makes things happen! I will have no hesitation whatsoever in engaging his knowledge and expertise in order to develop my own property portfolio in the future.
Well worth speaking with if this is something that interests you…!

- Richard Greatorex

Stuart is a consummate professional, who is a extremely level headed and considered in his approach.

His input is always helpful, measured and insightful. He is an approachable and genial ‘people person’, probably borne out of his many years of coaching and leading within the world of professional sport.

Stuart carries this style into his property dealings and undertakes his business with honesty and integrity. I have great pleasure and no hesitation in recommending Stuart to anyone else who is considering doing business with him.

- Eddie Tribe

I have worked with Emily over the last 15 years in her role as an Account Director. She has a fantastic ability to understand a situation and the people involved in order to negotiate the best deal possible. Always highly driven and focused in order to achieve the end goal. Someone I could hand a situation to and know it would be sorted out without me having to be involved further myself.

Emily has advised me on my own property refurb, talking me though the various options and advising of the best route to go down. The outcome being way more successful than had I tried to do it all on my own.

- Mark Fletcher

I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Mr Laurie Duncan in a property deal.  He was of great help to me, providing clear, concise and accurate information on legislation and best practices of buying and selling properties.  He was always available when I had any questions to ask and would always take time to explain when I wasn’t fully understanding the situation and my options.  Will be recommending and definitely dealing with Mr Duncan again.

- Ryan Mote

From start to finish the service from Emandel Properties was truly first class.  Laurie’s passion and knowledge of the property industry was evident within minutes of speaking to him, and above all it was obvious that he genuinely wanted to get me the best deal possible.  Thank you so much Emandel, I will definitely be using you again in the future.

- Gavin McGuire

I’ve worked with Laurie for a while now, managing the buy-to-let properties in his various personal and commercial portfolios.  A great guy to work with, always positive and determined, and really easy to get along with too. We both continue to expand our businesses and I’m excited for the potential that lies ahead.  Would highly recommend Emandel Properties to anyone considering getting involved in the property game – the knowledge and experience they bring to the table, not just with general market info, but with the strategies, legislation, best practices, purchasing negotiations, and the rest, is absolutely first class.

- Blair Miller

Recently I was made unemployed due to the downturn in the oil & gas industry and subsequently had to sell my home quickly to manage this difficult time.  Fortunately, I found Emandel Properties who helped with a quick and efficient sale. I would definitely use their services again, hopefully in better circumstances!

- Gregor Lyons

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